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Janyaa Volleyball 2015

We at Janyaa are continuing our tradition of having the annual volleyball tournament. This year we had the support of 20 teams and was held successfully on August 22nd 2015 at Bishop Elementary School, Sunnyvale. What started off as a foggy morning, turned into a sunny day where quality and competitive volleyball was played.

We would like to sincerely thank and appreciate all the teams for providing the support throughout the event, adjusting to the schedule and above all for playing the game in the right spirit.Your support means a lot to us and helps Janyaa in achieving the goal of reaching another 500 schools in 2015.

Janyaa Volleyball 2015 - 1Here is the list of winners/runners-up –  Congratulations to all of you!


Winners: Team DG

Runners-up: Red Chillies


Winners: ESBA

Runners-up: San Ramon Friends


Winners: Googly

Runners-up: Mighty Hitters

Janyaa Volleyball 2015 - 2Please view the below link for more pictures – 


We would like to highlight the below contributions with a special thank you –

  • Vijay for being the main support behind planning and organizing this event.
  • Manish, Shiv and Vetri for their help with planning and organizing this event.
  • Our dedicated volunteers – Prasanna and Rama for their tireless efforts all day long to ensure the tournament’s success.It couldn’t have been possible without their help.
  • Usha for all her support in event planning and help on tournament day. (thanks to her family as well). She has been the main force behind organizing this tournament from the past few years.
  • Shree Jewellers – our kind sponsors
  • Dosa Bawarchi for catering

We look forward to everyone’s participation again next year.

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