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This is just unbelievable. 

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Feel blessed

We have our next fundraising event on April 7th http://janyaa.org/arpana. Entire Janyaa team has been working on this for couple of months now in selling tickets and finding sponsors. What is amazing is the help we are receiving from all over. Though the event is few weeks away, I wanted to thank all these great hearts now itself. Coz all this support is just overwhelming. Not in any particular order here they are:

Mohan Nannapaneni: A great soul who has done amazing work with his non-profit http://www.nmfriends.org, extends his unconditional support to Janyaa. He has given great contacts over here for selling our tickets and has been continuous support for us. He not only donated a good amount of money for us, but has been a valuable support. Cannot thank you enough Mohan.

Tarun Kakani: I met him once at TANA and since then he has been a great supporter of our cause. He is based out of Atlanta, but that doesn’t stop him from helping us out. He not only donates money but also his valuable time. He talked to his friends in Bay Area and got a sponsor and also spread the word in his network. Thank you Tarun.  You are truly amazing.

Ena Sarkar: Woman with substance and generous heart. Founder of http://womennow.tv/. Ena was very kind enough to play our video on her show. Thank you so much Ena. I honestly did not expect this and am overwhelmed with your generosity.

Anita Arikatla: Thank you so much Anita for all your support. You are an amazing girl. I am so glad to have you as a friend.

Anwesa Garg: A busy business woman and still finds time to help us market our event. Helps us find sponsors, sell tickets and what not. Anwesa, thank you so much for your time and help. Appreciate it.

Apeksha Anand: A wonderfuly lady who is always there to support Janyaa. She has done a fundraising event for Janyaa through her Jhankaar Beats and didn’t stop there. She has been great support for us for this event and I am really privileged to have a friend like her. Thank you Apeksha.

Ray Mitra: Founder of Induz – a non-profit organization that connects people through arts was kind enough to spread the word about our event on his FB Wall. How many people can do that. Thank you Ray.

Giriprasad Lankepalli: Our partner and supporter – helps us sell tickets and spread the word. Thank you Giri garu. You have always been a great support for us.

Srini Vallurupalli: We hail from the same college and what a help he has been!!! Whether it is with posting fliers, finding sponsors, selling tickets, spreading the word – what not. I don’t know what we could’ve done without you Srini. Thank you so much.

Madan and Rani Arora: Met them at an event over the weekend and they instantly offered to help us spread the word in their circle. I am attending couple of meet ups where I can sell tickets and also make people aware of this wonderful event. Thank you Mr and Mrs Arora.

Geeta Parthasarathi: Last but not the least, a wonderful lady who instantly offered help and said ‘I will see what I can do’. She is helping me get contacts and let people know about Janyaa and our event. Thank you Geeta ji.

Mamatha Ratnam: Enormous help with all the writing that we need and extremely prompt. I don’t have to follow up with her and she delivers on time. Thank you Mamatha. You have been of great help to us. I have more for you btw. 🙂

Sarah Cramer: Sarah has been helping us with writing since we started Janyaa. She is an amazing lady. In spite of being super busy, she still finds time to help us writing scripts and what not. Thank you Sarah. We are really grateful to you.

Hema Reddy: Hema is compiling the video for our pledge. What’s the best part? She offered it herself without me asking for it. And this, being busy with her job, photography, kid etc. Thank you so much Hema.

And then of course our Janyaa team: Usha Hanumolu, Kaushik Macherla, Manikanta Pachineelam, Harsha Krishnareddy, Manogna Raviprolu, Madhu Dama, Rajesh Prabhu, Venu Nadella and the list goes on.

And there are more of course. I will keep updating this post as we go.

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