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If you have not heard of Janyaa before, now is the time to get to know about this great team and what they do. Janyaa, is a non-profit organization (NGO), that aims to change the lives of under-privileged rural children in India. Janyaa accomplishes this by equipping school teachers to help children solve everyday problems. The program ingrains math and science concepts by using ‘learn-by-doing’ techniques, by providing educational kits (including experiments and games) to the schools and train the teachers on the use of these kits. The results of our program is that the kids are creative problem solvers and innovative designers who can lead lives very different than their parents.

Something that might interest you more is the fact that there has been a tremendous support to Janyaa’s initiation and growth from the organization SAP, and from the employees of SAP alike!!

Venu Nadella, the founder of Janyaa,  is a SAP employee herself.  Not only did she brainstorm various ideas with her colleagues and friends from SAP before the initiation of Janyaa, SAP was also instrumental to the initiation of Janyaa in terms of financial assistance. There were several fund raising events conducted at SAP as well, that helped Janyaa, and the support that Janyaa received from her colleagues during these events is highly admirable! Kudos to all these amazing folks at SAP, and their help and continuous support is much appreciated at Janyaa!!

Some of the key members of the Janyaa team include SAP employees, Usha Hanumolu, Kaushik Macherla & Manikanta Pachineelam.

Usha Hanumolu, Vice President

Usha Hanumolu, a software developer at SAP, Palo Alto, is the Vice President of Janyaa, and has been part of the program since its inception.

Kaushik Macherla, Secretary

Kaushik Macherla, a software developer for SAP Labs, Palo Alto, is the Secretary of Janyaa, and has also been an active member of Janyaa since its inception in 2009.

Manikanta Pachineelam, Website Administrator

Manikanta,  a senior software engineer in SAP Labs, is the developer and the administrator of Janyaa’s website.

Not only are these members playing key roles in the Janyaa’s program, they are also actively involved in running and managing the various events of Janyaa, like Ragaanjali (a cultural program with great maestros), Dandia Dil Se , Walk & Run Event, Sridevi – up close and personal, just to name a few. All the proceeds from these events go into helping our the rural kids.

Janyaa has also been a regular at SAP’s yearly Diversity fair for the past 3 years.


The time and support of all these SAP employees, not only in terms of task execution, but also as a great source of creative ideas,  has been invaluable. Janyaa expresses its gratitude for your ongoing support and we look forward to your lasting partnership!!

Venu is now encouraging more SAP employees to get involved: “We need both financial and volunteering support,” she says. “Employees interested in making a positive impact with their spare time can get in touch with me directly to discuss volunteering opportunities from either abroad or on the ground in India.”

Start Getting Involved and Make a Difference – Join Janyaa

Janyaa has grown over the years and is gearing up to celebrate it’s 5th Anniversary! Come, join us for this event! Have fun with some amazing entertainment promised while contributing for a great cause!

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