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We went live with our new website on Jan 1st – Thanks to Mani for all the hard work and Rajesh for the design guidance.

We got our brochures printed – thanks to Rajesh for the design idea and Venu for getting it printed free of cost 🙂
We got our mission statement ready – thanks to Colin (SAP Marketing Director) and Prasad Akella (SVP, Marketing)
We got our tagline ready – Thanks to Mamatha and Sravanthi and input from most of you.
We got our concept for posters ready – thanks to Usha, Kaushik and Rajesh
We got our posters, banner, visiting cards design ready – Thanks to Maria Bonita who has done this with amazing speed
Posters, cards and banner will be ready in a week’s time or so – Thanks to Kaushik and Venu
We are getting Janyaa article printed on SAP portal – work in progress. Thanks to Mamatha for squeezing her time in spite of her busy schedule
We are setting up a booth at TieCon 2012 on May 18th and 19th – this is another biggie for us. Any help appreciated 🙂
WOW!!! That’s a huge list already. This is apart from our Arpana event and the Volleyball event planned for May 19th.
We are a great team and let’s continue to be one. :). And I must mention there are so many others who helped us out in every possible way to reach this stage. A big thank you to all.
Let me add to this on what we have achieved since then:
We are working with Senior citizens of Cupertino in developing Math games. They are very well accomplished people and am honored to have them working for us. I must say I have never seen so many intelligent, successful people at one place.
We will be working with Mahesh Lalwani in developing end of year projects for our children.
We will be working with Charitra team to help us scale globally https://projectcharitra.sap.com/
We have volunteers helping us establishing partnerships with other NPOs, helping us with marketing our events (this is a biggie for us as we we were lagging behind on this big time) and many more.
Now this is a huge list for just month of May.  Don’t you think?

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Yes, we have a great team at Janyaa. Or else how could we reach 20,000 rural children in just a matter of 3 years? We cannot afford to hire people to get work done and like any budding non-profit organization we depend primarily on support from our volunteers along with friends, family, donors and sponsors.

Our Arpana event was a huge success yesterday and here is a small tribute to all who contributed to it.

No event can be successful without the support from sponsors. A big thank you to all our sponsors: http://janyaa.org/new/?page_id=405. Samosas from New India Bazaar and Pongal from Dosa Bawarchi Miliptas was too good. And of course the sweet made by our dear friend Gayatri Palepu was out of the world.  Thank you all.

Special thanks to our families for supporting us by allowing us to spend time in making this event successful. It’s not easy to take care of domestic things on your own while your partner is helping us out. We sincerely thank you all.

There were lot of people who have supported us in various ways in making this event successful. We feel blessed to have all of them in our lives. Thank you Mohan Nannapaneni, Tarun Kakani, Ena Sarkar, Apeksha Anand, Anwesa Garg, Madan & Rani Arora, Geeta Parthasarathi, Mamatha Rathnam, Sarah Cramer, Hema Reddy and many more. Here is  a small thank you note from all of us at Janyaa: https://janyaa.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/feel-blessed/

Last but not the least all of the Janyaa team without whom we wouldn’t have reached this stage.

Kaushik Macherla – Outstanding volunteer of Janyaa. We cannot imagine doing any event without Kaushik’s support. he is all over the place and we do not even know where to start thanking him. He has taken care of so many things for this event, the list only gets bigger and bigger as we think about it. He is not only very forthcoming in picking up the tasks, he also steps in at the last minute for any emergency situations. Even yesterday he saved us from last minute situations. Thank you Kaushik, you are an integral part of Janyaa and we cannot imagine Janyaa without you.

Manikanta Pachineelam, Harsha Krishnareddy, Chaitanya Kuntamukkala and Usha Hanumolu: They have taken care of posting updates to website about the event, preparing pledge sheets, email marketing, FB etc. Thank you guys for handling all of these. We appreciate your time.

Usha Hanumolu, Rashi Khare, Chinmaya Sarangi, Aarthi Veerapandiyan, Manogna Raviprolu : Our registration desk and Pledge collection team. Thank you all for handling your tasks very efficiently and also helping us with other tasks like, food packing, grocery shopping etc.

Madhu Dama, Rajesh Shastry, Jani Mahammad, Pratyush Chandra: Our ticket collecting team. It’s not just about collecting tickets and giving brochures but also ensuring people are let into the auditorium without disturbing the lighting inside etc. You guys have done a great job.

Srini Vallurupalli, Chaitali Gohel, Harsha Krishnareddy, Ramadasu Puli, Gayatri Palepu: Thank you all for taking care of this task by packing the food on time and food sale.

Finally, we would like to thank Pampa Dance Academy for partnering with us. Special thanks to Bindu Madhav, Nirmala Madhav, Lavanya and Kamakshi for all the support they have given.

All in all, this event was made successful with wonderful team work from all of you. Thank you all. We couldn’t have done this without you.

There are so many others who helped us in many ways. Thank you all for all your support.

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