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His home and his car

This is an inspirational story for all of us. It’s nice to know more about such people.

Here is an IIM-A graduate – E Sarathbabu – who rejected several high profile jobs from various MNCs whose mission was to help poor through job creation. So he started a catering business in 2006, inspired by his mother who once sold idlis on Chennai pavements. After struggling and making losses he turned it around in 2007.

Today he has six units and 200 employees with Rs.32 lakh turnover per month. He still lives in the same hut. He words “We can be a developed country but we should not leave the poor people behind. I am worried about them because I know what hunger is and I still remember the days I was hungry”.

90% of his people are uneducated.

He bought a car, but is in no rush to buy a house. He is happy where he is right now.

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Another story about a passionate educated topper who is more focused on serving his country.

Yesterday results of 2008 Civil Services examinations have been announced. Adapa Karthik from Khammam, Andhra Pradesh has topped the list. Well, every year we have someone topping the list. What’s so special about Karthik?

He opted for Civil Services “to contribute for development at the grassroots level“. So he chose IPS and is currently undergoing training. Also, unlike most, he did not opt for his home cadre. According to his mentor, he is a “highly spirited service-oriented boy committed to serving the people”. He looks at Civil Services less as a career option, more as a real service.

Did you know that he had won a scholarship to Harvard Medical School, but the “socially committed” youth decided to stay back in India and join the civil services.

This is one of the best I have heard so far. He is an inspiration to so many. His parents must be so proud of him.

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