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Janyaa progress

Starting today I will also be using this blog for my progress on Janyaa program.  Also I will add the list of donations as a separate page on this blog.

We are currently identifying 4 schools in Krishna district. We need to get approval from authorities to work with these schools. So we are currently in the process of preparing necessary documentation.

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Well, it’s a great day. We are starting off Janyaa program for education in conjunction with Bighelp.org.  For more details check this page.


If it interests you, kindly donate money to Bighelp.org mentioning ‘Program Janyaa’.  Your donations are tax deductible. 

This has been my dream for a while and now the time has come to realize it. During my education (school and college) days, I had teachers who just read from the text books. One of my school teachers would come to the class, copy the lesson to the board and we in turn copied that to our notebooks. I never understood why. At the same time we had a Telugu teacher who taught us grammar (సంధులు, సమాసాలు) so well that I still remember them. We had a science teacher who taught us concepts in interesting ways.

We had a Maths teacher who would solve problems on the board and we tried to understand them by copying them. I still remember a Maths teacher at my aunt’s place Bapatla – Rajeswara Rao garu – who taught me Theorems during my 9th class summer vacation. He had a creative way of explaining the theorems that made it so easy to  “understand” and “remember”. I used to look forward to go to his classes. This is the sort of interest I want the kids to have. And I hope I can bring this to the kids with this program.

I am hoping you will support me. I would like to thank Bighelp for supporting me in my dream. Especially Chand Pasha for providing advise to me and guiding me on this.

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I am sure most of us have experienced this in life – comparison with others. When you were a child you were compared with other students and you were compelled to compete with them to move ahead. It’s not a surprise if this continued throughout your student life. Sure it doesn’t end there. It continues to your job, your house, your living etc. 

When we are compared with others, whether it is with our studies or our appearances or sports or anything, we have a sense of anxiety and fear. We focus on moving ahead in any way rather than on gaining knowledge. Of course, there is also a sense of anxiety and uncertainty as we don’t know if we will continue to stay ahead of others. 

Don’t you think we can perform better when we are free of this comparison. We can do better if there is more interest and more freedom. When you are happy and healthy you can learn more easily. But when there is fear of comparison you cannot perform to the fullest.

In school teachers are concerned in getting you to the next class and parents are concerned in getting you ahead in the class. None of them are interested in thinking that you should leave the school as an intelligent human being without fear.

Competition and comparison hides the fear of failure. But we all know that failures are stepping stones of success. You learn when you fail and you succeed from these lessons. But how are we treated when we fail? Well, if we do not want our kids to be in the same situation as us, may be we can instill the right sense of knowledge into them to see they “learn” than just “pass” an exam.

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