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What a weather. Can it get any better than this for running? It was like walking in a hill station. No rain, just foggy, no sun. All the runners and walkers loved it.

Thank you all for making it happen and for participating in our event. We appreciate all your support. Please check the photos at:

http://picasaweb.google.com/rajibshome/RunForJanyaa#slideshow/5394187303774445442 &


Our page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Janyaa/119051767037?ref=ts We urge you to become fans of our page so that you can get regular updates on our program.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped us. All of them showed up at 6AM and stayed till the end until we finished the cleanup. How can we make it without you all? You are our strength. Here they are in alphabetical order.

Ankur: Glad to have you on team Ankur. You took care of so many things for us starting from posting our event details on countless websites, distributing flyers at various races, finding food sponsors, working with Usha on PA system and getting Yogi Mahendra & Fusion Beatz for warm up & cool down sessions.  What would we do without you?

Chinmaya: You biked through the whole trail the previous day, checked the details online, provided valuable suggestions and on the race day setup mile markers and directions for the race. Handled the situation very efficiently when the original path was not run-worthy and deviated the runners on to the track seamlessly. Thank you so much Chinmaya.

Madhu D: Thank you making it in the last minute in spite of your busy schedule. You helped us with distributing flyers and other key tasks for the organization itself. Glad to have you on the team Madhu.

Manikanta: Responsible for pre-registration desk, setting up the timer and noting the finish timings. Well, what can we say. You had the one of the most important tasks of the race and managed it extremely well without any hitches. Cannot imagine how you could take care of everything under such pressure. Thank you finishing off with compiling race results. Thank you so much Mani.

Mani Sreedharala: Thank you for making it fun for us Mani by cheering the runners while reaching the finish line, keeping the atmosphere alive with your comments and of course taking care of preparing mile marker sticks the previous day. You have been there right from the beginning starting July till the end on Oct 18th including communication related tasks or booths at SAP. Without your support, it would’ve been difficult to execute the race.

Ramu V: Thank you so much Ramu for getting our breakfast. You had to knock doors and pick up food to deliver it on time for our walk. You also helped us with distributing flyers and we appreciate all your valuable suggestions to make this race a successful event.

Rati: You came to participate in 5k and ended up helping us out with on-site registrations. You could not participate in the walk itself, but I hope you had fun with us. Thank you very much Rati.

Siva M: Thank you for taking care of getting the water for the event amongst other tasks. You have been our support right from the beginning and been very proactive with all the tasks. Your enthusiasm in supporting Janyaa gives us the energy to go for more. Thank you very much Siva for supporting us through out the event.

Srikanth N: Or technical guru who was there for every technical need. Whether it’s creating registration pages on a fly or helping us market on social network sites. I had to wake him up in middle of his sleep to help me out with last minute glitches. Thank you Srikanth for everything including your valuable marketing suggestions.

Sudhir T: Thank you Sudhir for helping us out with tables and chairs during the event. It would’ve been such a pain if you were not there for us. In spite of your busy schedule you managed to contribute your time for the event. Thank you for your time and support.

Usha H: Last but not the least, always manages to step up to the occasion and taking care of every minute detail. You helped with so many tasks including distributing flyers at various races, coming up with wonderful ideas for marketing or with our booths at SAP.  Thank you so much Usha for all your time and support. I don’t know what we can do without you and your creative ideas apart from effectively executing them of course.

Apart from our team we had quite a few volunteers from SAP who helped us out. Special thanks to all of you for making this event a great success. We would not have been able to do this without you at all. We hope you can continue your support to us in future. Here they are in random order.

Sathish, Rama Dasu, Kaushik: Thank you all for helping us out in setting up the water stations on 1/2 marathon trail. It was definitely not easy to check it the previous day, bike through the trail to see if it’s run-worthy. Or was not easy on the race day to carry water on bicycles to setup the water stations. You guys have done a commendable job in keeping the water supply for our runners and setting up the mile markers.

Shahvir: You took care of pre-registrations and also helped Nick in finding names of runners based on bib numbers. This was something all our runners liked – a personal touch. Thank you Shahvir for all your support. We appreciate it.

Nick: who immediately said ‘yes’, when I asked him to emcee our event. Thank you so much Nick for doing such a wonderful job along with helping us out with other activities during the event. We appreciate all your help.

Srinivasa Raju and Baski: You both handled the situation well with your water station and we cannot ask for more. You helped us with tasks before the race started and also after. It is really nice to have people like you supporting us. You are our energy. Thank you so much Srinivas and Baski. We appreciate your support and time.

Gaurav: You single handedly managed water station 1. You helped us with other tasks along with clean up. How can we thank you Gaurav? We appreciate your help and support. Thank you so much.

Jani: You were one of the key people at the finish line helping us out and also cheering the finishers. You also helped us with post-race tasks. Thank you so much Jani for all the help you provided.

Seema: You were so eager to help us out with the tasks at the race, you were always behind me asking ‘what can I do’. You helped with so many tasks and finally took care of pre-registration tasks amongst others. Thank you so much Seema for all your support.

Susanne: When I asked you what time you can come on the race day, you said ‘anytime’. I was surprised. With 3 little children, you managed to come by 6:30AM and stayed till the end. You helped with on-site registration and other tasks at the event. You are very supportive and it has been a pleasure having you part of the event. Thank you very much Susanne.

Ananda: You came to run for 10k and ended up helping us pre and post race. You could’ve just warmed for the race, run and gone home. But you volunteered to help us out and that helped us a lot in managing the event. Thank you so much Anand.

Rajib and Yingjiong: I don’t have to say anything. Their pictures speak for themselves. What a wonderful set of pictures. They captured all the runners at the finish line, beautiful landscape and the whole event. Rajib and Yingjiong: we appreciate your help and your work. Thank you very very much for capturing our memories in such a wonderful manner.

Thank you Arun, Priya and Partho for cheering and supporting us all the way.

Thank you one and all. We hope you had as much fun as everyone at the event.

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