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We are conducting a fundraising volleyball tournament in Sunnyvale, California. Everyone in Bay area is more than welcome. You can find all the details about the tournament here:


Still have questions? Well, read this FAQ page and if your question is not answered, let us know:


Interested? Send us an email at events@janyaa.org and we will register your details.

Read these rules of the tournament and disclaimer:


Please spread the word. Let all your friends in Bay area know.

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Sharukh Khan, popular film star of India, once said that he would like to improve the public facilities for women in India. This is indeed a very nice thought. If you are wondering why, read this article from Bloomberg. 


These facilities not only provide a way out for women to avoid any embarrassment, but also improve the hygiene. Every day 1000 children die from sanitation related diseases.  It is government’s job to provide these basic needs. But it would be great if people like Sharukh can focus on these. He said in an interview, once his studio is completed he will proceed with this good deed. Well, I sincerely wish he can start this soon.

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