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Another very successful event in partnership with Instant Karma. This event was a wonderful opportunity to all Sri Devi fans to see her up and close. All hearts full of wishes and love for her. Every eye melted by seeing the gorgeous superstar.
A big big thank you to Bhavini Joshi and Amitabh Bhargava from Instant Karma for giving Janyaa this opportunity to partner for this exclusive event. You are awesome. We appreciate your support to Janyaa.
And a very big thank you to our wonderful volunteers for making this happen.
Shipra Mangalick– What a great and dedicated volunteer. She took care of all the sponsors of the event ensuring every sponsor gets enough time to talk to Sri Devi. She also helped film star Omi Vaidya during the event. We at Janyaa thank you for your time.
Aarti Gupta– Our amazing and very talented volunteer Aarti took care of the all the audio video presentations during the event. Her perfect timings of music and sponsor adds were very helpful. Thank you so much Aarti.
Kaushik Macherla– Our one and only superstar who handled multiple tasks at this event. He took care of the food catered by Peacock Restaurant so that everyone get to eat on time. He also helped us in shepherding people in the right direction to make the event successful and smooth. Thank you Kaushik for all your help.
Ritu Verma: Ritu has helped a ton with this event. She has been one of the key persons in making this event a success.  Thank you Ritu for taking care of this event and we appreciate all your time and support for Janyaa. You have done an amazing job.

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Janyaa in association with Didi ji’s group presented Indian Classical Musical Concert.
A grand concert with two living legends: Maestro Dr. Sisirkana Dhar Choudhury with Tabla Maestro Pt. Swapan Chaudhuri.
It was the moment of pure bliss for all the Indian Classical Music lovers.
A very big thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for the huge success:
Rajesh Shastry – Rajesh was there right from the beginning of the event planning. He helped us a lot in ticket sales and event marketing. On the day of the event he took care of set-up and Will Call ensuring that event starts on time. Thank you for your time.
Jyothi Malepati – Jyothi took care of the marketing of the event. It would have not been possible to distribute the flyers and posters in various places without your help. Thank you so much Jyothi.
Ritu Verma: Our Event Lead who coordinated with Didi ji’s group and our volunteers in ensuring Janyaa’s commitment towards the event is met. Thank you Ritu for handling this so well. We appreciate your time.

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Another successful year from Janyaa. A big thank you to all the teams that participated and supported our cause.
Beginners: Winners: VB Gang. Runners up: Touch 3 Jolly Men
Intermediate: Winners: HPD. Runners up: Chargers
Advanced: Winners: Pioneers. Runners up: Mighty Hitters
Women: Winners: Touch 3 Tino Moms. Runners up: Touch 3 VB Sisters

Thank you all for supporting Janyaa and participating in our tournament. We appreciate your time.

Like Janyaa page for updates. VB pics can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151735440242376.1073741827.333664352375&type=1

Prizes were given out by our super heroes of Janyaa – Usha Hanumolu andKaushik Macherla who have been with Janyaa since day 1 and have been pillars of support.


Usha took care of the entire tournament organizing on her own. Setting up nets, running around to make sure the teams are playing according to the schedule is a huge task in itself. To top it off, she was even umpiring few games. Awesome job Usha.

Usha was supported by Venkat R Vumma without whom we wouldn’t have been able to conduct this tournament smoothly. He helped us with the pools and all the game related logistics including setting up nets. He is our conflict resolver too – which is a big thing in Volleyball tournaments. Thank you Venkat for all your help. We at Janyaa thank you for your time.

Kaushik – what can we say about him. He is there whenever we need – irrespective of day/time. Umpiring games, setting up nets etc, he has been the other great contributor in making this tournament a success. Thank you Kaushik. We know we can always rely on you.

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