Janyaa’s Annual Gala – 2014

April 5th 2014

We strive to be different, execute things in a manner that sets us apart and at the end of it our goal is to make sure our precious guests/friends and family are having fun and have been taken care.

We skipped the registration process so that our guests don’t have to wait in line.
We welcomed and escorted each and every guest as every one of them is important for us
We worked on having a unique entertainment lineup – Odishi dance, Kuchipudi, Contemporary Bollywood, Kolatam and Kollywood dance.
And now we would like to share our photos by highlighting the contributors who made this event a huge success.

We are elated to hear all the wonderful comments from you. Thank you all for coming to the event and making it such a huge success. Pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152360723777376.1073741847.333664352375&type=3



Janyaa’s Annual Fundraising Gala

May 9th 2015 at ICC, Milpitas, CA

What a success!!

A huge acclaim for its success goes to the significant contribution made by Dr. Kilaru (Board Member). He started working with the team from June, guiding us from basic logistics, content to its end to end execution. It was his brilliant idea to involve the audience by trying out some of the experiments designed by Janyaa’s team. This enabled everyone to understand how the experiments are used by school teachers in teaching the children. It was also a night of Magic and Comedy by Michael Stroud (http://www.magictimeproductions.com/) and Richard Sarvate (http://www.richardsarvate.com/). This was followed by drinks with delicious food from Mynt, Saratoga. Our guests actively participated in this event and donated for the cause Janyaa believes in and strives for. The event was ingenious starting from the introduction of the Founder, Venu Nadella who briefed the audience about the history of Janyaa and how it all started in 2009 with just 4 schools to over 600 schools by 2014 benefiting nearly 130,000 students.

A special thanks and kudos to Padma Chari and Prasanna Adusumilli for making this possible.

Thank you Kaushik Macherla, Usha Hanumolu, Prasad Akella, Swadesh Srivatsava, Neha Sharma and Ranjani Santosh for supporting. We also thank all the volunteers for their time on the day of the event – Shikha Mittal, Namitha KA, Aarti Gupta, Bhagvathi, Alima Kanumilli, Rama Dasu and Adite Sarma.

Pictures from the event. (Add this link as hyperlink for this text : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153343818217376.1073741859.333664352375&type=3)


Volleyball Tournament by TCA – Austin ( Telugu cultural Association of Austin)

April 25th – 26th

Volleyball Tournament by TCA – Austin ( Telugu cultural Association of Austin) TCA has organized a fundraising Volleyball tournament and donated entire proceeds to Janyaa.

We are grateful to Mr Sangameshwar and Mr Anand from TCA for being so generous and supportive of our cause. God bless!! Thank you Mr Venkat Vumma for making this happen for your continuous support.

Please visit TCA website for more details: http://www.austintelugu.org/. Here are some pictures from this event.



Shakti 2015
May 3rd, ICC Milpitas
“Bringing the world together with international dances”
Team Shakti is comprised of a group of 8 energized ladies who organize a fundraising event every year to support causes that benefit the community. It was a very well organized event with dances from all over the world showcased by various teams.
Shakti team was kind enough to make Janyaa the beneficiary of this year’s proceeds from the event. We would like to thank the generous ladies from Shakti for being kind enough to lend their support. Thank you Rama Saripalle, Shilpa Mehendale, Sneha Vedula, Ratnamala Vanka, Manasa Rao, Madhavi Kadiyala, Deepti Mohta and Prabha Malempati.

Recently ISB Hyderabad students Pradipta Das, Mehak Sethi and Ankur Wadhwa visited 2 schools in Hyderabad to check Janyaa program. Here is what they have to say:

“On 13th September, our Janyaa team visited two Government schools of Hyderabad, to learn how Janyaa kits are helping the school students. We were very politely greeted by the teachers. We found that the students were very eager to demonstrate the experiments. With some help from the teachers the students from class six to nine properly demonstrated the experiments. We could observe that Janyaa kits helped students transition from bookish knowledge to actual learning which they could retain. Their enthusiasm showed us that they were no longer afraid of studies. Even teachers told that their grades have improved. They regularly used the kits to demonstrate to the students and found them really effective. Even the grades of the students have improved significantly. Overall Janyaa kits are doing a really great job in these two schools.”.

Thank you for sharing this with us. It is always a great feeling to hear wonderful comments about our program from others.

Here are pictures of children demoing the experiments. Isn’t that cool? They not only understand, but they also explain others !!! All this with our program !!


At the time we are receiving all these wonderful comments about our Dandia this year – what better time to talk about the person who took the responsibility of organizing it and leading the team to success – Usha Hanumolu – Events lead and Vice President of Janyaa. If you are wondering why I am taking Usha’s name, here is why. I have been leading events for Janyaa for a long time now. I was under the impression I was doing a decent job. And then comes Usha who shows me how an event needs to be done. She took care of every single thing – contracts, logistics, marketing, fliers etc etc – and did not miss a thing. Best part was that she was very calm and composed “during” the event. A rare feat and an important criteria of a good leader. Though I knew her all these years and knew how well she gets things done without fail, this amazed me because there are so many little things that need to be taken care of. Here she was – taking care of every single item diligently. u2 Apart from that, she is also very patient, organized and nice to deal with. One of our sponsors had this to say ‘Venu, even if I didn’t want to sponsor, talking to her makes me feel I should. She is that sweet and genuine.’. Another sponsor said ‘finally we are dealing with someone who gives us the right information and is not focused on taking money from us’. That is Usha – who works for Janyaa without any expectations. When I was casually mentioning about her to a friend of mine, she said ‘ Venu, when someone is content with themselves, with their life in general – they don’t expect anything. They just do it’. And that is so true. Never comments about anyone, just does her job. What a personality !! She is a very special person who has been with Janyaa from day 1. In fact, our first fundraising event was her idea. Being a volleyball player herself, she said we should host a tournament. The passion with which she organized the whole thing is contagious. I had no clue – just followed her. She got us nearly 70 teams. Booking a venue, borrowing the nets, balls, preparing the courts etc etc – she did everything on her own. Since then she has been volunteering her time for Janyaa for various events and also for program related tasks. usha1 That is Usha for you. We wouldn’t be where we are without Usha. The amount of time, dedication, commitment she has given to Janyaa is just amazing. And the best part is that it still continues. This year she took up the responsibility of organizing fundraising events for Janyaa and started off with a BANG !!!. Kudos to you Usha for leading us to success.I haven’t seen many people so balanced at such young age. We are very proud of you and personally it is my privilege to know someone like you. — Venu

This year is very special for Janyaa for multiple reasons. We had a very successful fundraising Gala in April, we are initiating new programs, adding numerous new experiments and more.. We are also doing it solo, so one less thing to focus on. But phew, have never seen so many Dandias in Bay area. It’s difficult, but hey, when you have a fabulous team, why worry? We continue to get fabulous volunteers to support us.

When the team asked me to lead this year’s fund raising Dandia, I immediately jumped at the opportunity as dance has been a passion since childhood. With absolutely no prior experience in hosting an event of such huge scale, I immediately worked on forming a core team who I know will deliver for sure. Things like Finances, Contracts, Logistics, Band, Sponsorships were immediately taken care of. Then the whole team focused on Marketing. Special thanks to Venu for showing us the right direction and supporting us. Whatever we did sure seemed to work as we got tremendous response from the entire community.

Two months of hard work by the team made this event possible and highly successful. In the middle of such an electrifying evening, I took a moment to stand in a corner and took it all in. Looking at beautiful smiles, happy kids, colorful attires and non stop dancing made it all worth it. More than anything I am super happy that we could raise funds for the kids who need the most.
I’m so proud of being part of a great team who worked day and night selflessly and would respond within few minutes when asked for something. Thank you Bhagavathi Kumar, Prasanna Adusumilli, Kaushik Macherla, Neha Sharma, Sreedhar Racharla for all your hard work, dedication and unimaginable passion to make this a successful event so that we can empower many under privileged children in India with hands of learning.
Special shout out to Namitha Sripathi, Rajesh Shastry, Ramadasu Puli, Abhishikta Chava, Anu Narang, Chaitali Gohel, Aarti Gupta, Karthi Gopalan, Shikha Mittal, Niraj Patel, Mansi Mavani, Sucharita Paruchuri, Subha Gupta, Alima Kanumilli, Jyoti Patel, Ruma Sanyal, Abhilasha Upadhyay, Smita Biswas for helping us along the way.

Feedback from community (posted on our Facebook page):

” Excellent event – Mind blowing. Not a single person complained and everyone is enjoying the event.Great job”
“Absolutely fantastic event ! We loved it and looking forward to the next”

“Amazing event.. we had so much fun”
“Amazing garba night.. hands down the best dandia event I have been part of”

“Excellent event! True festive experience where everyone had fun”
“Enjoyed so much! Thanks for organizing this; and count me in, next year!
Well Organized, where everyone actively participated and enjoyed by having lots of memorable moments”
Loved the POSITIVE VIBE and the kids looked super cute in desi outfits”

Team says..

“I had an awesome experience working on Dandia nite. It was very well planned and I learnt a lot”

“It was such an amazing event. Events like this motivates me to do more. Hats off!”
“This year’s dandia event was very special as it was solely organized by Janyaa. The event was planned in detail, well organized and all the aspects were taken care of. It felt nice seeing capacity crowds and the way volunteers handled the entire process in a planned way”
“I’m glad that I got an opportunity to work on this special fund raising event for Janyaa. It was a fabulous experience”

“All the hard work was well worth it for such a great event and a greater cause”

“All my tiredness and fatigue disappeared as soon as I saw it all come together. Excellent example of team work and collaboration. Go Janyaa”

More updates and pics on Facebook

— Usha

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