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Holi 2011

We had a great event at Holi 2011.  It was a great success!! Thank you all for your support and help, especially to the following volunteers.

Rajesh Prabhu : First, want to welcome you on board as volunteer – started with Holi 2011. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I saw you entering the park as one of the first persons from our volunteer team. I know you had to go around 1PM…..but you were there until the clean-up. Even though I reached out to you just before the event, your support was really great. Your handling of critical situations at the event made me very comfortable. You being the member with suggestions/contributions to events will help Janyaa a lot. Thank you for all the help Rajesh.

Divyesh Jain: Another young volunteer on board with Holi 2011. Helping us as the Parking Monitor while your wife and friends were waiting for you – it is just unimaginable how far the helping  attitude can take people. Thank you so much and welcome aboard, Divyesh.

Pranay Kaikini : Another youngest volunteer on board with Holi 2011. Spending 4 hours as Parking Monitor without getting time to participate in the event – I have no words to express my feelings. Your help from selling tickets to event day help are just great.  It was great help Pranay. Really appreciate it!!!

Murali Medam: Another volunteer on board with Holi 2011. Started helping with selling tickets and asking other colleagues to help. Murali, if you were not available that day – event would have been in a great trouble. When the generator was not fitting in Chinmaya’s car, we needed someone with bigger vehicle. Murali immediately drove and went to get the generator. After the event is over while driving back, we realized we forgot a water bottle that was borrowed from another volunteer. So called Murali again and guess what. He is available to go to the park and pick-it up. Thank you so much, Murali!

Rekha: Another new volunteer for Holi 2011. Rekha purchased tickets and came with her family to enjoy the event. When we needed some help, I approached her to see if she can handle the registration for few hours. Next second, she requested her husband to take care of kids and took over the registration. Big thank you, Rekha (and family). It was really pleasure to meet people like you.

Chaitanya Kuntamukkala:  Another new volunteer for Holi 2011. Chaitanya was very helpful in doing lot of background tasks like getting city, fire, DOH permissions, tickets printing/distribution and calling all the friends to spread the word. Chaitanya, your help is very much appreciated and welcome aboard.


Sesha garu: Another new volunteer for Holi 2011. Your help with selling tickets and event day parking monitor has made a great difference!! It is really great to have you….welcome aboard and appreciate your help.

Usha Hanumolu:  Your help from the day one of event planning until after the event –  is unimaginable particularly with your personal situation. Truly I was not expecting you to come to volunteer with a few weeks baby at home. It is just great. For everything that was needed on the event day – has come from your home!!  Thank you soooo much, Usha.

Savita Shenoy: Thank you very much, for your help with handling registration. When the day has started with rain/cold, I started getting worried…..it was really nice and big thank you!!!

Chinmaya Sarangi : A long time volunteer of Janyaa, your responsibility has started from the very morning with picking-up generator/tables and it ended when  you dropped-off tables at rental office. Big thank you to you, Chinmaya. Without your help, event would have been in a big problem.

Rajesh Arukala : Want to sincerely thank you for making some time on that day. I know your family had other plans that day. When I called you the day before for help, you made necessary arrangements and arrived at the event. Want to sincerely thank you and your family. Your help as parking monitor had gone a long way with gaining confidence from City. This has set a good foundation for Janyaa events in the future.

Pavan Bayyapu: Thank  you for your help on the event day, Pavan. You came to event immediately after your return from Germany trip. Appreciate your help.

Rajib Shome & Yingjiong He  : The official photographer’s of Janyaa. With all your help, Holi 2011 has become a lifetime sweet memory for all of us. Thank you very much for being there even when showers started and until the end. It was really great and want to express appreciation on behalf of everyone enjoying the photos.

Ankur  Jain: Core member of making Holi 2011 a success. Ankur helped with lot of tasks right from the day one of the event planning. Especially, Ankur has spent all the day on Saturday to arrange everything and started 7.30 AM on the event day to make arrangements. Ankur without your help, Holi 2011 would have been a dream.

Sudhon Kanagaraj: Another core member of making Holi 2011 a success. Sudhon, started with distributing fliers in Fremont/Union City area’s. Since then, his contributions to marketing/boards/parking monitoring and other help on event day was really great. Mr & Mrs Sudhon – your help was just great. It was really great to meet nice people like you.

Manikanta Panchineelam : Core member of Holi 2011 event. Mani has helped with the event starting from website set-upà fliers distribution à full day of work over event weekend. At 7AM on Saturday, Mani was at Racho San Antonio to distribute fliers to all the hikers and his day ended late evening after completing all the required tasks. He is one of the first/last person who came/left the event to/after making sure everything is set-up/cleaned. On his way back, he drove through all the parking lots to make sure everything is normal. With this kind of help, anything is possible. A big thank you for all the help Mani.

Rama Dasu Puli: The man!!! A true example of dedicated volunteer with lot of passion. Rama, helped with setting-up booths in SAP, selling tickets, buying required stuff for event and most importantly the event weekend. Rama spent whole day at the event right from setting-up until clean-up. He is one of the first/last people to enter/leave the event and took care of all the required clean-up/set-up. I am sure, dedicated volunteers like you can take Janyaa to next levels.

Kaushik Macherla: Core member of the event. Missed you a lot on the event day. Even though you had to travel to India during the event, we had no option except calling you to get your help. It was amazing support from you Kaushik. Thank you for all the help.

Jai Godora: Thank you for all your help in designing the flier for the event. We received great feedback for the same where some people were specifically asking for you. Despite being very busy at work, you accommodated our request and helped us out. Thank you very much Jai.

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