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Recently ISB Hyderabad students Pradipta Das, Mehak Sethi and Ankur Wadhwa visited 2 schools in Hyderabad to check Janyaa program. Here is what they have to say:

“On 13th September, our Janyaa team visited two Government schools of Hyderabad, to learn how Janyaa kits are helping the school students. We were very politely greeted by the teachers. We found that the students were very eager to demonstrate the experiments. With some help from the teachers the students from class six to nine properly demonstrated the experiments. We could observe that Janyaa kits helped students transition from bookish knowledge to actual learning which they could retain. Their enthusiasm showed us that they were no longer afraid of studies. Even teachers told that their grades have improved. They regularly used the kits to demonstrate to the students and found them really effective. Even the grades of the students have improved significantly. Overall Janyaa kits are doing a really great job in these two schools.”.

Thank you for sharing this with us. It is always a great feeling to hear wonderful comments about our program from others.

Here are pictures of children demoing the experiments. Isn’t that cool? They not only understand, but they also explain others !!! All this with our program !!


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At the time we are receiving all these wonderful comments about our Dandia this year – what better time to talk about the person who took the responsibility of organizing it and leading the team to success – Usha Hanumolu – Events lead and Vice President of Janyaa. If you are wondering why I am taking Usha’s name, here is why. I have been leading events for Janyaa for a long time now. I was under the impression I was doing a decent job. And then comes Usha who shows me how an event needs to be done. She took care of every single thing – contracts, logistics, marketing, fliers etc etc – and did not miss a thing. Best part was that she was very calm and composed “during” the event. A rare feat and an important criteria of a good leader. Though I knew her all these years and knew how well she gets things done without fail, this amazed me because there are so many little things that need to be taken care of. Here she was – taking care of every single item diligently. u2 Apart from that, she is also very patient, organized and nice to deal with. One of our sponsors had this to say ‘Venu, even if I didn’t want to sponsor, talking to her makes me feel I should. She is that sweet and genuine.’. Another sponsor said ‘finally we are dealing with someone who gives us the right information and is not focused on taking money from us’. That is Usha – who works for Janyaa without any expectations. When I was casually mentioning about her to a friend of mine, she said ‘ Venu, when someone is content with themselves, with their life in general – they don’t expect anything. They just do it’. And that is so true. Never comments about anyone, just does her job. What a personality !! She is a very special person who has been with Janyaa from day 1. In fact, our first fundraising event was her idea. Being a volleyball player herself, she said we should host a tournament. The passion with which she organized the whole thing is contagious. I had no clue – just followed her. She got us nearly 70 teams. Booking a venue, borrowing the nets, balls, preparing the courts etc etc – she did everything on her own. Since then she has been volunteering her time for Janyaa for various events and also for program related tasks. usha1 That is Usha for you. We wouldn’t be where we are without Usha. The amount of time, dedication, commitment she has given to Janyaa is just amazing. And the best part is that it still continues. This year she took up the responsibility of organizing fundraising events for Janyaa and started off with a BANG !!!. Kudos to you Usha for leading us to success.I haven’t seen many people so balanced at such young age. We are very proud of you and personally it is my privilege to know someone like you. — Venu

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