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On this Thanksgiving, we, at Janyaa are very thankful about the results reaping from the efforts of the program!

I’m taking it easy with my words here, as this post speaks for itself …with these encouraging words from the students and teachers of the schools which have benefited from the various learn-by-doing Math & Science toolkits provided by Janyaa!!

Zilla Parishad High School, Perveda:
“Most of the students here are from villages. If we teach them direct from textbooks, they find it difficult to understand. The material given by Janyaa foundation is very useful to us.” Ravinder, Head Master.

“Even without studying at home, we are able to do well in the school exams. Without studying by rote, we are writing the exams. We now like coming to the school and we are doing well in our exams”, Deepthi, Student.

Mumbai Malwani schools:
“Janyaa Kit has made the Students more attentive” – Teachers.

Indian Development Foundation:
“We thank Janyaa for such a wonderful effort for the development of scientific temper among students and making learning better.” 

R.K. Foundation, Bangalore:
“We are very impressed with Janyaa’s learn-by-doing concepts. We are very thankful to Janyaa. In future, if Janyaa supports us,  we will implement the program in Kerala and Orissa also”

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!! Good multiplied by Good !!

Two charitable programs tying up their efforts together! What more can you ask for? The result can only be greatness! Greatness leading to educating more n more kids from the rural backgrounds!

A couple of weeks ago, Janyaa tied hands with R.K.Foundation in Bangalore. RKF is a public charitable trust established in memory of late Sri. R. Krishnan, & Smt. Ponnammal, with a view to help the needy. And Janyaa specializes in helping out the needy kids! This tie up is one of the best, and Janyaa is thrilled to announce that it is supporting 27 schools in Karnataka!! Yayy to that !!!


R.K.Foundation is very impressed with the “learning-by-doing” toolkits of Janyaa, and seeing how these toolkits can help the kids, they are now eager to expand the program to two more states, Kerala & Orissa! Told ya, goodness just multiplies 🙂


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You all must’ve heard this a lot – that the Indian population put together makes up for 1/6th of this planet!! Phew!! But did you know about this tidbit, that the total number of kids in India equals the whole population of US !! Now, isn’t that interesting! ..I kinda like the fact that these numbers match 🙂 …why? Coz US is a major super power,  and that is definitely something to look upto, something to aim for…….if all the kids in India can get their act together, they can empower this planet with some additional super power !! India can produce another Obama, another Warren Buffet, another Bill Gates …

But, But, But ….the reality is so much more distant from this epic fantasy that we dream of! Reason being a big chunk of these kids don’t have an opportunity to grow into and be someone who can make a difference in this world! They are not even in a position to get the much needed basic education. Poverty rules the majority of the Indian sub-continent, sad but true 😦 😦 …And that’s where the amazing team of Janyaa steps in….to take a stab at this problem …to enable these poverty-stricken kids to learn, to maximize their potential, to get away from their misfortune and become individuals who can stand on their own feet and yep, get a chance to be another Gates or Buffet!!

DSC_0476Now just how do they do it?? How does Janyaa empower these poor children of India?? Aaahh, I knew you were gonna ask this, and so here I am, ready with the answers 🙂 …..Answer is simple – Science & Math!! Math & Science!! Yep, as simple as that!! Using a variety of practical “learn-by-doing” techniques, Janyaa prepares an assortment of Science and Math kits that are donated in the under-privileged schools of the rural areas……these schools heavily lack in terms of material to provide the basic education to the kids, so they hugely benefit from these kits. Think of these kits as little experiments that you do with stuff around your home to teach your child something ….like boiling water, heating too much?? Yep, reached the boiling point, so the water must evaporate! Something of that sort……It’s like learn through experimentation….learn through practical means!! That’s it, these kits form the crux of Janyaa!!

If the idea of Science & Math kits doesn’t sound compelling to you, listen to these success stories….Janyaa has so far empowered 492 schools and 117,000 students!! That’s a staggering number!!! These little kits of wonder allow the children to turn into creative problem solvers, innovative designers and what not!! And more importantly, enables them to lead lives that are wayyyy different, wayyyyy better than what their parents or grandparents have ever led !! Doesn’t that count?? You bet, it does !!!!


Tempted to be a part of this life-altering program?? You are absolutely welcome!! There are a myriad ways how you can be a part of and do your bit for Janyaa! Donate a bit of your time, a few dollars from your wallet …and if time and money is not what you want to give, hey, how about sharing some of that cool talent you have?? Like you are good at photography, or maybe you can make cool videos, cool posters using graphical skills or perhaps you are one of those awesome engineers of the valley that can come up with great ideas for the Math & Science. Or maybe you love co-ordinating & volunteering events…Ya, all of these talents and more can help Janyaa reach more and more kids!! And if you don’t yet know how you can help, don’t you worry, just that desire to help is more than enough!! Contact us and find out how you can help make a difference in the lives of these under-privileged kids!!

For starters, spread the word !! Talk about it, tell your friends & colleagues!! And give it a thought yourself and start getting involved!!

Come on, let’s do some good stuff !!

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The success of every event is due to the dedication of the volunteers involved. We at Janyaa are grateful to have a dedicated team of volunteers. They were at full force at organizing the Dandia Event and ensuring it’s success. Right from the setup to registration and making sure everything runs fine during the event to the clean up, our volunteers were at work.

We would like to say a big Thank You to  Sreedhar Racharla for leading the entire effort and making sure all the aspects of the event were taken care of. It is a pleasure to have him. Things look so smooth and in control when he is around.

He was supported by our ever dedicated volunteers. Here is our entire volunteer team and we thank each one of you for your time and hard work.

Jyothi Malepati,Rajesh Shastry,Namita Sripathi, Namita Sripathi, Kirtana Sripathi, Lavanya, Smita Biswas , Devyan Biswas, Enika Biswas, Poochie Malik ,Sangeeta Shukla,  Rama Dasu Puli,Sunil Khemchand, Shipra Mangalick, Ashu Mangalick , Sonam Sarawgi, Shalini Raj Singh, Prasanth Gopi, Alima,Usha Hanumolu,Ritu Verma, Manikanta Pachineelam, Aarti Gupta and Kaushik Macherla

Please view the below link for pictures of our team and to know more about them.Thank you Prasanth Gopi and Ashu Mangalick for taking these pics.


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In association with “what’s the buzz” organization, Janyaa presented a fun-fulled night of Disco Dandia with Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba. The event was very well supported and the spirit of Dandia went on till 11 pm.  There was live music, delicious food and performance from Stanford’s garba team Basmati Raas.

This event was held at the Sunnyvale Temple with help from our ever dedicated volunteers (more details). A wonderful evening of Dandia and helping Janyaa empower under-privileged children.

Please view the links for pictures –

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

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