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With tears in her eyes…

My visit to schools was an overwhelming experience for me.  Teachers were all so excited about our program. Here are some of their comments:

  • Nice reminder of our responsibilities as teachers
  • Entirely motivated to teach practically
  • Happy to see kids getting excited to learn. This was never seen before.

One comment that touched me: “I am not sure what I have been doing so far as a teacher. Thank you for reminding our responsibility as teachers through your program”.

Highlight of my visit was this from one of the teachers with tears in her eyes: “I am so happy you have selected our school from hundreds. I am very thankful for providing this program to our students”. We just happened to select their school. We at Janyaa did not have any selection criteria for schools. Our goal is to provide the program to all children and all schools.

My visit gave me renewed energy to continue our efforts here in raising funds to reach more students. I request you all to support us in our fundraising programs.

— Usha Hanumolu

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This is the feedback Usha Hanumolu received from children and teachers at the schools we are conducting our program. Children are very excited about the activities and on the day of activities, may it rain, they attend school. They are learning while enjoying. They proudly showed their activities to Usha.

Proud moments for Janyaa: Check slide 18 in this link for children’s feedback: http://picasaweb.google.com/events.janyaa/2009Activity1#.  You can also check this video to see how children are enjoying their new found learning experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Kzi1p_xZlA

This is what we wanted to achieve with Janyaa. We want children to attend school with joy rather than by force. Well, seems like our goal is not far off. This gives us the energy to spread our program to greater levels.

Thank you all for your support.

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Most of you have supported Janyaa by participating and volunteering for our Volleyball tournaments in June 2009. With your support we could kick-off the program with great feedback from teachers and students. You can find all the information at http://janyaa.org/projects.php.

Location: Shoreline Park, Mountain View, CA

Distance: 5k, 10k and half-marathon

Details of the race can be found here: http://janyaa.org/w_details.php

Category Early bird ($)

Until Sep 2nd

Regular ($)

Until Oct 1st

Late ($)

Until Oct 18th

5k 20 25 30
10k 25 30 35
1/2 marathon 50 60 70
Group of 6 discounts
5k 75 90 120
10k 90 120 150
1/2 marathon 200 240 300

We urge you to register and support our dream.

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We finished our first activity program in July. The results are very encouraging in spite of the challenges. We never said it would be easy right?

Check this: http://picasaweb.google.com/events.janyaa/2009Activity1#5365402402383119586

Specifically the slide 18. Children’s feedback is amazing. We will keep you posted. Do you think you can support us? Can you donate $15 per paycheck?  It’s just $1 a day. Aren’t you motivated to support us after looking at the slides 🙂

We are sure you are.  Well, then what are you waiting for. You can donate on http://janyaa.org/donate.php.  We request you to check out the employee gift matching program so that your contributions can be doubled.

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