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Our Director Usha Hanumolu visited the schools in August. Here are some of the comments from teachers:

  • Nice reminder of our responsibility as a teacher
  • Very innovative way of teaching
  • Entirely motivated to teach practically
  • Happy to see kids getting excited to learn
  • I don’t know why we haven’t been teaching this way until now. You reminded us of our responsibility through your program.
  • These students will never forget what they are learning now through this program
  • Happy that all the activities that are being done are relevant to the current syllabus

Students feedback:

  • Like this way of learning
  • Easy to remember
  • Very proud to display their activity items
  • Extremely excited about these activity days
  • The class strength is full on the activity days. Nobody wants to miss the school on this day even if it is raining
  • Answered ALL the questions related to activities and proudly displayed their windmills, pumps, cubes, cuboids etc.

Well, what more can we ask for. We are more than happy to get this feedback. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve. Of course there is a long way to go. But we are off for a good start.

If our program interests you, please support us by donating: http://janyaa.org/donate.php

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August set of activities

Going through these pictures is what gives us the energy to go for more. Check the kids in these activities pics. I am sure you will be as excited as we are.


In the above link you will see both the sets of activities we have completed in August.

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