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We had another successful week this year with our Volleyball tournament. The teams have been very supportive, patient and fun to work with.  Congratulations to all winners and runners up in all categories.


Winners: VB daisies

Runners: Janyaa girls

Men Beginners

Winners: Tino Grooms

Runners: Bezwada VB Boys

Men Intermediate

Winners: Mavericks

Runners up: HPD

Men Advanced

Winners: Washington A

Runners up: Powers

Pictures are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/113862066287060668147/JanyaaVolleyballJune12th2010TrophyPresentations?authkey=Gv1sRgCLjYucfd_cDDUw&feat=email#

Thanks to all the volunteers and players who supported us throughout.

Venkat: Congratulations for winning the Advanced category Venkat. A big thank you for staying back after your tournament and helping us. We know you missed out on your celebrations on our request – which is very nice of you. We cannot even imagine getting through Intermediate matches without you. And of course the Beginners final. Thank you so much for being there for us whenever we needed you. You helped us quite a lot last year and this year including last week’s Coed tournament. We cannot thank you enough.

Rama Puli: Though you were notified in the last minute you showed up at 6:30 in the morning and stayed till the end. Helped us in every possible way and also made sure that games went on schedule. Rama – you have been the backbone of the tournament yesterday. Thank you very much for all your time and help.

Manikanta: Thank you Mani for showing up as promised and taking care of the tournament in the afternoon along with Rama. Seeing you in the park lighted up our mood as we were actually struggling to get through. Thank you very much Mani.

Kaushik, Ankur: Thank you both for helping us with setup and supervising some games. Appreciate your support a lot.

Kumar: Thank you very much Kumar for helping us out with Advanced team tournaments.  Appreciate all your support throughout.

Yufeng, Chinmaya, Madhu: Thank you for helping us with the setup in spite of your prior commitments. Madhu – thank you for coming back in the evening and helping us out with clean up. It is very nice of you.

Usha: Thank you for being there for us Usha. You have been a great support for us.

Vivek: Thank you for jumping in to help us throughout the day with umpiring. Appreciate your support Vivek.

Refeekh: Thank you Refeekh for helping us with umpiring whenever we needed you.

Shiva: Thank you Shiva for your support on and off the field especially in explaining the rule to avoid the conflict we had. It was very nice of you to come forward to help us with scheduling. We appreciate your support.

Vijay: Thank you for all your help before and during the tournament. It is with support from people like you that we could manage to execute this tournament.

BATSS team: Thank you Mike, Simon, Balaji and Guna for all your support and magnanimity throughout the tournament. You are an excellent team to work with.

Rachana: Thank you Rachana for all the wonderful fliers you have designed for us. They all look amazing and stand out from the rest. Your skills are outstanding. We are very glad that we found you.

Finally a big thank you for all the teams for bearing with us and supporting us in making this tournament a success.

Thank you

Janyaa team

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We successfully completed our Coed volleyball tournament. Congratulations to the winners and runners-up teams.

Beginners – Winners: Fusion, Runners-up: Mountain house

Non-Beginners – Winners: Pioneers, Runners-up: Powers

A big thank you to all the players for supporting our program.

We must admit we wouldn’t have been accomplish this without the support of our volunteers.

Kaushik: Thank you very much Kaushik for taking care of so many things with ease. You were there from the beginning till the last minute yesterday setting up nets, taking care of water, umpiring, taking pictures – you name it, you did it for us. You also helped us with our practice sessions. We wonder what can we do without you. Great to have you in our team.

Jani: Thank you very much for staying back till the end and taking care of the entire tournament along with Kaushik.  We are thankful to have you as part of the team.

Savita: What would we do without you Savita. You were there the entire day helping us out with various tasks. It is good to know you. Welcome to the team. Thank you very much for your support.

Yufeng: Thank you so much for coming early in the morning and helping us setup the nets, umpiring and giving the tournament a good start. It feels good to have you all as friends.

Yingjiong: Thank you so much for taking wonderful pictures of the tournament along with helping us setup nets, umpiring and other tasks. We appreciate your support.

Madhu: Thank you Madhu for coming to help us in spite of your busy schedule on the day.

Mani: You came to play and ended up volunteering for us along with taking pictures :). Thank you Mani, we know we can rely on you.

Venu: Thank you Venu for helping us with various tasks needed for the day.

Venkat: Thank you for helping us out with umpiring at the last minute. Very nice of you to step in. We could rely on you last year and again this year. Thank you so much Venkat.

Shiv: It is such a good feeling to know that we can rely on you. Thank you for helping us with the schedule and last minute preparations. We are very happy to have your support. Thank you very much for being there for us.

Rachana: Thank you so much for designing those wonderful colorful fliers for our events.  We are always amazed at each of those. And we should thank you for specifically for the quick turn around time for all of those. Very happy to have your support.

We will post the pictures soon.

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