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We conducted training for 50 schools in Mumbai Malwani area. Here is the press coverage for the same.


IDF-Janyaa - science kit distribution

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Our first ever fundraising event was back in May 2009 – barely a month after we formed Janyaa. It was a Volleyball tournament and we had a total of around 70 teams over 2 days. I still remember me and Usha pulling everyone we know to play for us. It was a huge success and we had so many people help us execute that event.

Reason 1: We are having Janyaa Supporters Appreciation eventto thank all those wonderful people who helped us over the last 3 years with Program, Events and various other tasks.

Searching for “Volunteers” tag on this blog has the details of all the volunteers who helped us at this event.


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Our first ever Event partnership was with Instant Karma back in April 2010 – Thanks to Dipav V who introduced Bhavini to us. Until then I was completely oblivious to such events and was ignorant on event partnerships for a while. Also as we got very busy with our program we did not have time and resources to organize big events. Last year has been very successful for Janyaa on this front where we partnered with Instant Karma for 2 wonderful shows, Jhankaar Beats, Andaaz music band & Radio Zindagi, Raaganjali, SIPA and WomenNow.

When we were busy with our program, Apeksha approached us for her Annual event in Nov 2011. Though we did not  help her much at all, she was kind enough to donate money to Janyaa from that event. Thank you Apeksha for all your support.

Accidentally talked to Raju at some event and it materialized into partnering for ‘Pyaar Deewana Hota Hai’ along with Radio Zindagi.  We also ended up partnering for our DiscoDandia. Thank you guys for support.

Until DiscoDandia 2012, the biggest crowd we could pull for our events was just around 500 or so. But we changed that completely with Dandia where we had nearly 2000 people. This was possible with our partnership with the wonderful WomenNow team. Thank you Ena for believing in Janyaa.

Thank you Kushal, Sanjib and Anwesa for giving us the opportunity to work with you for Raaganjali. That was such a mesmerizing experience for me. What a fabulous show. Loved it.

Thank you Pankur for partnering with us for your annual SIPA event. It was an eye opener for me personally and I cannot believe I missed your previous ones. Any tech person should not miss this one for sure.


Reason 2: We would like to celebrate with all our event partners and thank them as they have been so kind and wonderful to work with. Thank you all for your support.


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